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Tabletop Billboards In-Restaurant Advertising

The concept for Tabletop Billboards was created in 2006 by Chad Lacasse Associates', Chad Lacasse, out of a necessity to display high quality full color advertising to local restaurant patrons. Tabletop Billboards was formatted and designed to offer an advertising solution for local businesses through strategic placement in restaurants and hotels. The full color advertising and illustrations were attractive and more eye catching than any placemat or other simplistic printed publication.

Tabletop Billboards is a postcard size flip card deck that stands on each table in the restaurant. The advertising is created to inform and entertain the dining patrons with no other information to detract from the advertisement. Each of our flip-cards in the deck include a business advertisement and a mobile coupon code that can be used so the restaurant patron can interact with the business advertised.

The average consumer will wait up to 30 minutes for their meal while dining in a sit down restaurant. Diners are a captive audience, looking for conversation pieces while they wait. Why not talk about your business?

Our Restaurant Partners

Owners and general managers can capitalize on our unique opportunity and generate revenue with Tabletop Billboard advertising. Simply by placing our small advertising card deck on each of your dining tables, you can earn up to 25% of the gross sales created by Tabletop Billboards for your establishment.

The process is simple and the only requirement from you is to assure that the Tabletop Billboards are on each and every table. We handle all the selling, distribution, design and manufacturing of the billboards.

It's kind of like making money for nothing. We do all the work and we share the profits with you. This is a win - win situation for each of our establishments and for Tabletop Billboards.

A typical restaurant of 25-40 tables could earn as much as $400.00 each month. Some restaurants could earn more and some less. Depending on the number of tables and the average turnover and sales check.

Each Tabletop Billboards deck has between 20 and 60 advertisements, with no competing restaurants. We will also respect if you have pouring rights or other contracts and not place competative advertising for those products.

Contact us today to discuss the opportunities for your restaurant and see how Tabletop Billboards is a valuable resource for your dining patrons. This is a great product that helps you earn money while helping to promote your fellow business owners in the area.

Advertising Clients

Affordable advertising that you can target by type, style and class. Create top of the mind awareness with your captive audience, because everyone is happy when they eat! Every Business can benefit from Tabletop Billboard Advertising, because all potential consumers go out to eat. This is the perfect advertising opportunity for:

  • All Retailers trying to brand and create awareness about their businesses products and services.
  • New and used automobile dealers and their service centers, trying to maintain top of the mind awareness.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions can benefit from typical restaurant diners as well as business lunch patrons.
  • Doctors, Dentists and other professional practicioners can create awareness about their practice and services.
  • Introduce your Real Estate agency or broker to thousands of restaurant patrons, tell them about yourself while they are listening.
  • Tabletop Billboards offer the perfect advertising venue for practically every business, including service and retail.
Offline Social Media

The original social media included friends getting together for dinner, a drink or maybe a show. We have moved the advertising into the offline social media. Read more

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Company News
January 6, 2010

Tabletop Billboards is our In-Restaurant advertising system that displays your company information to the restaurant patrons as they wait for their meals. Now you can advertise your business to thousands of hungry patrons, offering them specials and discounts immediately on their mobile phone. Read more

March 15, 2010

Chad Lacasse Associates is proud to announce that our BETA testing of our online business directory will be ending soon and the online directory will begin to be advertised. The complete roll out will include direct mail coupons, radio promotions and television advertising. Include your business in this special marketing opportunity. Read more